Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

~ Nelson Mandela

........State standards...Board meetings...Policy manuals...Teacher evaluations...Parent conferences...Chapel speakers...Curriculum reviews...Graduation ceremonies...Report cards...Technology implementations...Fundraising campaigns...........  

Struggle with the "urgent" tyrannizing the "important?"

You don't have to accept defeat.

I'm here to help you stay aimed on education's ultimate goal ~  outfitting students for life's Key 3.

Key 1

Learn yourself

How many opportunities are lost and relationships flounder because a person lacks self-awareness? Too many!
Self-awareness is investing in courageous humility that pays life-long dividends. You can have a profound impact as an educator to train students in self-awareness.

Key 2

Love God

Knowing and loving are like identical twins. It's easy for one to pass for the other, but while they're similar, they're separate.  
Many students know about God. Yet he doesn't seem relevant to everyday life. You can help them move from knowing to loving him.

Key 3

Live connected

Independence isn't the zenith of maturity; it's embracing inter-dependency and a holy calling to impact others for good.
You can teach students how to live effectively in the eyeball-to-eyeball and virtual worlds and take ownership of their impact on others. 

Through Christian education, you can disciple students to be & become people of steadfast and savvy faith

You can cast a vision of earthly excellence and sacred significance, relevant to all of life, transforming students' attitudes towards learning.

When the "3 R's" are taught in service to the "3 L's" (the Key 3), you can give students a life-long framework for personal and spiritual maturity.

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