Every educator experiences frustration, heartbreak, and discouragement.  


... the opportunities to know you made a lasting impact are less than the moments you wonder, "Whatever happened to (name)?" 

... you see a student with so much potential waste it. 

... you yearn to inspire great thoughts and have to answer questions like, "Can I earn 1/4 of a point for getting that part of the question right?"  

And yet. You keep showing up.  


You thirst to see young people launch into the depths of adulthood and not spend years (decades?) adrift in the shallows.

 As do I. 

Below is an information snapshot you may find helpful, but first, three core beliefs and life's Key 3. 

Belief #1

You have an impact that is immeasurable, eternal, and irreplaceable. It's not a matter of "if," only "what kind" and "how much."

Key 1

~ Learn yourself ~

Belief #2

By accepting his grace and aligning with truths God has established about yourself, himself, and others, you can craft a life of earthly excellence and sacred significance.

Key 2

~ Love God ~

Belief #3

Our world and nature defaults to destruction and deception. Faith in Christ frees you to be and become your true self and help others do the same.

Key 3

~ Live connected ~

While homeschooling five energetic sons, I was privileged to serve on the founding board of a University-Model® school, Lighthouse Preparatory Academy. In the homeschooling community I led the start-up of an all-volunteer cooperative assisting hundreds of families since its inception. I've taught countless courses in numerous subjects to hundreds of students and mentored many others as the director of a successful teen theater program. I know the incredible impact of a teacher, coach, director, advisor, or administrator. That's why Key 3 Educators is here to serve you.

As an idea-generator and strategist, I love bringing

~ clarity to complex ideas; 

~ understanding & application to organizational and human dynamics;

~ actionable practices to visions & missions.

Growing up on a small Kansas farm I began "teaching" to the assortment of barefoot critters who squawked, snorted, and stank. Today's audiences are less smelly and (usually) wearing shoes. Learning and teaching has been part of my make-up since childhood.

Let my knowledge and experience help maximize yours. 

Cheering for you!


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