For 25 years, as a mom of five sons, I fought the battle of the books. 

I know the overwhelm and exhilaration. The fatigue and freedom. The tears and triumphs.

That's why I crafted the message below specifically for home educators. I also welcome inquiries for custom talks.

Cheering for you, 

Stephanie Smith

Reach the Summit While Still Breathing: 

How to Homeschool and Live to Celebrate It

Home schooling is more like scaling Mt. Everest than strolling through Central Park. What does it take to reach the summit and not be wiped out?

You’ll meet five essential guides for a successful journey; all of whom begin with the letter "P." Alliteration? What else would you expect from a home educator?

A powerful message of substance, packed with mirth. You'll come curious; go galvanized!

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