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Kirsten C.

“Can I just say today was awesome and you did a fabulous job! I had lunch with [student] and she could not stop talking about how wonderful your message and presentation were. Thought provoking and powerful. She was soooo impressed by how you had it memorized and it showed her that you were prepared.”

Lynn L.

“Stephanie speaks about life – the good, the true, and the beautiful – and the challenging, difficult parts. You will be encouraged to reach and embrace the life God has for you. All given with humor – and love.”

Don't Flunk Out

(School Leaders & Teachers) 

Your impact truly is immeasurable, eternal, and irreplaceable. How do you maximize this for good?

Every profession has heart-sinking missiles. How do you avoid becoming a casualty of apathy,  discouragement, or rigidity?

Fight to stay encouraged with practical practices you can employ to retain (or reclaim) your vibrancy and vision. 


Mission Audits: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

(School Leaders & Teachers) 

 You know the state of your school's finances and enrollment statistics. But what about your mission?  Is it a bright north star or a dusty wall plaque?

A mission audit is indispensable to long-term success. You'll learn the fundamentals of how to conduct one in an introductory session or be supplied with step-by-step instructions in multiple workshops with Q&A opportunities.

Hot Seat Faith


Have students asking about Christianity and its relevance to real life? In a live Q&A format, they'll be able to ask questions, and I'll answer with authenticity, sound theology, rational thought, compassion, and respect. And if I don't know an answer, I'll say so! 

Mission: Impossible or I'm Possible


Tiny changes can cause titanic shifts. Mindset affects anxiety, insecurity, and depression. Not a rah-rah session for believing in God's existence, pursuing one's passion, or being tolerant of others. Rather, an exploration of the Biblical truths about mindset and how small -- though not always easy -- thought changes create seismically different outcomes. 

Training Wild Horses, er, Kids

(Parents, Home Educators)

Parenting is like training a wild horse. You’ve got a creature ruled by appetites and resistant to submission. You can’t hold onto the reins forever. You must teach your child how to harness and guide their will so emotions and desires serve a noble purpose and don’t just run wild. But how?

That’s where the mind comes in. Nothing will determine your child’s direction in life more than what they think. To the degree your child’s thinking aligns with truth is the extent to which they’ll be and become their best self.

You’ll learn why guiding your child’s thinking towards truth as your highest priority will reap incredible & eternal rewards.



~ Just for Home Educators ~ 


Reach the Summit While Still Breathing: How to Homeschool and Live to Celebrate It

See the "Home Educators" page for details!


Release the Guilt. Focus with Confidence.

(Parents, Home Educators) 

You want to raise children committed to earthly excellence and sacred significance. Yet meeting educational requirements, calming toddler tantrums, guiding angsty adolescents – added to life’s other responsibilities – can crowd out the important and leave the guilt.

Using photography as a metaphor, you’ll be encouraged and energized to make decisions with confidence using three essential lenses. In the process, you'll develop and display dignity, integrity, and empathy. 


Because I Read So: Bold Parenting from Biblical Principles

(Parents, Home Educators. Can be expanded to 2-3 sessions.) 

"There has to be more in the Bible about child rearing than Proverbs 22:6! -- 'Train up a child...' Yes, but how?!" This despair led to searching Scripture for how God the Father "parents" us. In a culture of chaos, confusion and contradiction (even within the Church), parents will be emboldened by God-modeled practices. Not a perfect-kid formula or list of legalistic rules but powerful principles for devoted (desperate?) moms and dads. 

You have staff, students, and parents, and I speak to all three groups.

Student messages are designed for middle school and/or high school.

Be creative! A schedule could look like this:

~ Thursday evening: Parents (Release the Guilt: Focus with Confidence or Training Wild Horses, er, Kids)

~ Friday morning chapel: Students (Hot Seat Faith or Mission: Impossible or I'm Possible)

~ Friday afternoon: Staff (Don't Flunk Yourself or Mission Audits: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You)

Let's see if I can add value to your event